Activate Library for .NET

You are searching for a solution to protect your software and to create demo versions? You would like to avoid costly own programming?

With Activate Library for .net we make available to you one in .Net developed Library for product activation and demo production which is implemented with few steps in your application.

Product description
Every application gets own "Produkt-ID". This is generated from system information as well as the user's formations and your Masterkey. The activation key required to the connection is generated with the help of this Produkt-ID and cannot be deciphered back. Entries for a demo version are saved encoded in the registration database. You themselves decide where.

Light integration in own application
The integration of Activate Library in own application is very easy. Simply add a reference of our Library in your project and retrieve all available functions in your programme. The call and the use of the Activate Library functions should cause itself to program beginners no difficulties. A detailed demo project as well as the help file with the interface description supports them with the implementing.

Activation of the test version to the full version
f the user resolves to buy the full version of your software, generate with the help of the provided "Key generator" the activation key specific for programme and specific for user. Then the user needs only his Registrierdaten and his personal activation key in the Registrier form of your application enter and already becomes from the test version a full version. They can generate optionally also a special licence file which you send to the user simply by e-mail.

Activate Library for .NET - Developer-Version
With the acquisition of the developer version you may use Activate Library for without limitation and arbitrarily often in your own applications and transmit together with your application. Additional royalties per sold application are not to be paid.